Hey, hi, hello & welcome!

Every person who works online at some point thinks, "I need a website" and then you take months to figure it all out. Painstakingly choosing colours, fonts and styles because you feel like everyone in the world will be seeing it, judging you and combing through every. single. word... 

Haha. Not true! 

That is the glory of the internet, everybody has their own space online and where you can let your nerdy self run wild!  So *boom* 💥 website is up! Let's talk about Harry Potter & travel ALL THE TIME! Kidding... but only a little. 



"The clory of the internet is that you can let your nerdy self run wild!"


Here's a short list of things that may or may not be present on this blog:

• Travel & Destinations
• Digital Nomad life & stuff
• Conference & Event Organizing
• Lesbian Travel & Relationship realizations
• Psychology
• A bit of business talk
• Food... often
• Harry Potter
& coffee naturally

Thank you for stopping by, I'll be dropping wisdom & silliness every once in a while on here when the mood strikes.