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Hi, I’m Kyrie.

Let’s put on a retreat together!

I’ve spent the last 8+ years of my life running conferences and retreats from 10 to 500+ people all over the world. Just this past year I had a retreat sell out in less than 24 hours and I know what it takes to make your retreat a success too! If you’ve been wanting to run your first retreat/event and have an awesome community who you know would sign up in a heartbeat…


What’s been holding you back?

Here’s what I hear often:

  • It feels like WAY too much work

  • I have no idea how to handle all the logistics

  • I’m not sure what my responsibilities around insurance & liability are

  • Can I really put on an event without going into debt?

  • Even if I managed all of the above, how do I ensure it’s not an utter train wreck?!

  • And probably a million various forms of mindset blocks ;)


Here’s where I come in.

When you work with me:

  • I’ll manage ALL the scary stuff for you for a small upfront investment

  • I’ll provide you with the support and resources you need to make your retreat a glowing success.

  • You have only two jobs, 1. Sell tickets, and 2. Go on an awesome retreat (which will be totally be paid for with the ticket sales - free vacay! Woooo!).

  • I’ll devise an itinerary that makes perfect sense for your audience and their specific needs.

  • Oh… AND I’ll be ensuring that you 1. Don’t go into debt. 2. either break totally even, OR make a small profit - which in my 8 years of experience, is fantastic for your first live event :)


Sounds great, but …how?

The System:


After confirming your eligibility in the form below, we’ll have a short call to decide if we are a fit. At this stage a minimal upfront investment will be required and you can hand over ALL (yes, all) of the research and logistics of your event to me.


An initial consultation will be held and together we’ll discover the best type of retreat/event for your specific audience, tentative locations, a realistic budget and timeline. We’ll set goals and milestones for our time working together so we can hold each other accountable.


Throughout our time together, I’ll be providing you with marketing assets for your event and brainstorming further monetization avenues. Depending on the timeline and size of your event, we will have between 3-5 calls together where you can literally ask me anything.



Here’s where you come in, all you have to do is sell tickets, knowing with complete peace of mind that everything (yes, everything) else is handled.


You and your community go on an awesome retreat somewhere exotic. The remainder of my fees are paid for from the profit of your event (hence, that minimal upfront cost).


You have the opportunity to deliver an irresistible upsell at your event that will allow us both to walk away with some extra moolah! During our consultations we can discuss this more :)


Check Eligibility Now!

Please fill in this form so I can get a better understanding

of your goals and readiness to rock a retreat!


What people are saying:


We worked with Kyrie for our third event in Chiang Mai, Thailand [...because] we wanted to push the envelope a little more and see how we could improve. She was giving ideas and value on so many different levels. It was very much forward-looking and solutions-oriented stuff that she was coming up with, which I appreciated. Long story short, I can't recommend Kyrie enough!”

Steve Munroe // Co-Founder & Co-Producer - Coworking Unconference Asia


“The retreat was such a fulfilling experience in so many ways for me. Not only did it give me the opportunity to deepen some of the amazing connections I made, but the goal setting session and accountability that followed bled into the rest of my working year and was a huge help. The venue was beautiful and I cannot wait to relive the experience!”

Hannah Dixon // Digital Nomad Kit


Kyrie managed all logistical elements of our marketing events & conferences and having worked with her very closely, I cannot praise her highly enough. She is someone who you can count on no matter what. In a high-stress, event situation (of which we had many), she keeps her cool and accounts for every possible problem that could come up. On top of being dependable and optimistic, she’s many, many other things that make her someone truly enjoyable to work with: She’s loyal, kind, organized, helpful and humble. I would work with her 10 times over. And then some.”

Stefanie Grieser // Head of Global Markets, Partnerships & Events - Unbounce


Can you imagine you + your community here?


Hell yeah! Am I Eligible?!

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