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Kyrie Melnyck
Community & Event Builder

I help you create meaningful communities, programs, and events that connect people.

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I have experience working with communities of all sizes, both in-person and online. Whether you need help establishing your community or are seeking ways to increase member engagement — I got you covered! ✨

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Effective programs are vital for maintaining connections within your community. With a decade of experience in program and project management, I can assist you in designing engaging community experiences that will keep your members coming back for more.

Three people jumping and throwing their hands in the air looking excited

People are the foundation of any community. I highly value connecting with empathy and using a human-centered approach. Valuing the uniqueness and ideas of each individual is crucial for creating a thriving and inclusive community.

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Khoros, Slack, Discord, Discourse, InSided, Thinkific & Social Media
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Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects & Canva
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Slack, Notion, Looker, GA & Asana
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Kyrie was the incredible glue that held our community program together. I could rely on Kyrie to craft the perfect community programs for our education at Thinkific Academy and to manage and grow our customer community on Facebook Groups.

She exemplified empathy, compassion, and curiosity at Thinkific. She had a talent for creating spaces for people to feel comfortable in, and for enriching experiences through expert tweaks on 'the little things.'

Kyrie was also an incredibly organized project manager and lent the team her expertise regularly to help structure our offers, develop better community features, and to enable our customers to get more out of our own community product. She also worked with our third party service providers (Thinkific Partners) to provide customers with expert help in our community spaces.

She will be sorely missed at Thinkific by our partners, fellow Thinkers, and our customers. I'm excited to see what she does next with her brilliant brain!
Aaron Morin - Senior Manager Education & Community @ Thinkific
Kyrie is a driven, creative and multi-talented Community Program Manager that you need on your team. Not only is she an excellent writer, creative content producer and strategist, but she also knows how to lead a team with compassion and empathy. In our short time creating community programs & rituals at Thinkific, Kyrie taught me all about navigating tough conversations as a community moderator, how to match the brand tone, and how to leverage ambassadors in order to scale community management. Given the opportunity, I’d work with Kyrie again in a heartbeat!
Jenn Delconte -  Community & Events Manager @ Klue
We worked with Kyrie for our third event in Chaing Mai, Thailand […because] we wanted to push the envelope a little more and see how we could improve. Kyrie was giving ideas and value on so many different levels. It was very much forward looking and solutions-oriented stuff that she was coming up with, which I appreciated. Long story short. I can’t recommend Kyrie enough!
Steve Munroe - Co-Founder & Co-Producer @ CU Asia
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